Wellness saunas

The Magic of the Sauna

Regenerate your Body and Mind

Our saunas are a true paradise of well-being that offers countless benefits for body and mind. The unique thermal experience of an Egos sauna will help you release accumulated tension, giving a feeling of deep relaxation and general well-being.

Benefits for the body


During a sauna session, the heat promotes sweating, eliminating toxins accumulated in the body and purifying the skin.

Improved Circulation

The heat dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood circulation and improving tissue oxygenation.

Muscle Relaxation

The thermal effect of the sauna helps to release muscle tension, reducing pain and improving flexibility.

Stimulation of the Immune System.

Sauna activates the immune system, helping to prevent diseases and improving resistance to infections.

Sleep Promotion

Sauna-induced relaxation can promote more restful, quality sleep.

Benefits for the mind

Stress Reduction

The calm and warm atmosphere of the sauna promotes mental relaxation and stress reduction.

Mood Improvement

The beneficial effects of the sauna can help improve mood and fight anxiety and depression.

Clear and Relaxed Mind

The sauna promotes a feeling of calm and mental clarity, helping you to concentrate and face daily challenges with greater peace of mind.

Promotes Meditation

Many people find the sauna an ideal environment to practice meditation, promoting the mind-body connection.

General Wellbeing

The general feeling of well-being and pleasure you feel during and after a sauna contribute to improving your overall quality of life.

Personalized Wellness Experience

At our place, every sauna is designed to offer a personalized wellness experience. You can choose between different types of products. Each sauna is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring unbeatable quality and an atmosphere of pure luxury.